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Going Further with Dugga

In the second part of our Dugga OTIS series, we will take a look at more question types for assessment, security measures that can be used for scheduled exams, integration with Microsoft Teams. Join us for some digital assessment fun!

Simple Steps for Cleaning Up Your Google Files

As many teachers reach the end of the school year, preparing for the next year is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, taking a few simple steps before you leave your classroom for the summer to get a head start will make your life much easier come next school year. In this session, we will walk through some simple steps to clean up your files in Google Drive to free up space and get organized, so you are ready to hit the ground running after a much-deserved summer break!

Web Safety for Students

As technology continues to evolve, digital citizenship is an essential tool to teach students. As 21st century learners, it is important for students to have a deep understanding of how to work appropriately online. In this session, we'll dive into strategies to help students build critical thinking skills as they navigate internet safety. Join us as we explore best practices and resources to teach digital citizenship and web safety in the classroom.

Teaching Academic Integrity in the Age of AI

With AI at the forefront of today's technology, learning how to use it in moderation is crucial. During this course, we will explore how to maintain academic integrity while utilizing AI. We will discuss the meaning of academic integrity, the ethical implications of using AI, plagiarism, and how to use AI tools responsibly and effectively.

Skill Building with Brain Breaks

Who said brain breaks can't be educational? Join us as we show you fun ways to help students review learning in exciting ways - all while giving students a quick pause on their traditional lessons.

Bringing Student Voice to Field Day Activities

Field day is an exciting end-of-year event that gets students up and moving! In this session, we’ll explore both virtual and in-person field day activities. We will dive into how we can give students voice and choice by having them vote on field day events, record videos of the events in action, design field day apparel, monitor event progress, and so much more. We will also discuss the importance of giving students agency in planning school events and how it can be used to boost motivation for physical fitness activities. Join us to gain new ideas for field day that can be used for years to come!

CAST a Wide Net with UDL

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework was developed by The Center for Applied Specialized Technology (CAST) to change learning environments and engage all learners. In this introductory session, we will cover what the UDL Guidelines are with a focus on the "Why," "What," and "How" of learning. Then, we'll demonstrate how to support teaching and learning by applying the UDL Guidelines to the design of lessons and activities.

Getting Started with BreakoutEDU

Discover the power of BreakoutEDU in revolutionizing your teaching approach with this introductory course. Designed for educators, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of BreakoutEDU's principles, methods, and applications. Learn how to engage students in immersive learning experiences, foster collaboration, and develop critical thinking skills through gamified challenges. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies to implement BreakoutEDU effectively in your classroom, creating dynamic and memorable learning opportunities for your students.

Going on a Nature Walk with Explain Everything

Explain Everything by Promethean is a digital whiteboard platform that can be used to make presentations and interactive lessons. Join us for our session where we will dive into Explain Everything and explore how it can be used to take our outdoor nature walks to the next level. From capturing snapshots of your walk to sharing comments and explanations, we’ll uncover how Explain Everything is a user-friendly tool for students and teachers alike. Join us as we brainstorm, collaborate, share, and most importantly have fun with this creative web-based tool!

PBL with Google

Join us as we explore how Google can improve the quality of your project-based learning activities. We'll cover how you can use Google Workspace for Education to create PBL activities that promote critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in your classroom. In this course, we'll focus on features that support researching, gathering (and analyzing) feedback, and presenting knowledge.

Engaging Students with Padlet

As educators, we are always looking for new ways to engage students in the learning process. During this course, we'll give you a basic overview of Padlet and how to use it. We'll also give you some tips on how to use Padlet to elevate the learning experience such as introducing new topics, virtual gallery walks, and reading logs.

Sounds for ELLs in SMART Notebook

Join our ‘Sounds for ELLs in SMART Notebook’ course and discover the power of integrating SMART Notebook technology to elevate English Language Learner (ELL) experiences. Uncover effective techniques for teaching phonetics, pronunciation, and auditory skills through interactive lessons. Participants will engage in practical applications, harnessing SMART Notebook tools to create dynamic and immersive learning environments that are tailored to the unique needs of ELLs.

Going on a Goosechase

Tag, you're it! Join us for a wild goose chase like you've never done before! In this session, we'll be exploring Goosechase, the online platform that can help you create interactive scavenger hunt experiences for students, staff, and more. Discover how to get started and different activity ideas for using Goosechase in the classroom.

MC: School Leadership - Session 8 - Managing Effective Meetings

How many times have you sat in a meeting that could have been addressed by a memo or an email? Time is a valuable commodity, and we need to ensure that the way we ask people to use their time is effective and sustainable. In this session, we are going to share various ways of running an effective meeting, getting the best out of each participant, and how to best manage expectations.

Become a Next Generation Science Teacher: Formative Assessment in the Science Classroom

This course is designed for educators who want to learn how to use formative assessment to improve student learning outcomes and culturally responsive teaching. Participants will explore different types of formative assessments; their benefits and limitations; and how to design & implement effective assessments that provide immediate, targeted, and actionable feedback to students. Topics include the role of formative assessment in the learning process, assessment design principles, and assessment tools and technologies.

Getting Started with BookWidgets

Reinforcing learning and assessing understanding are critical parts of helping students master content. As educators, we're constantly looking for tools that can engage students and make the process easier. Enter BookWidgets! This amazing tool offers over 40 exercise templates that can be used for practice or to provide summative and formative assessments. Join us to learn the ins and outs of getting started.

Introducing the iRobot Root - Coding Robot

Students and teachers that are looking to engage in robotics and coding at all skill levels must check out the Root robot! iRobot, the makers of the famous Roomba, are the creators of the Root coding robot, which is ready to program right out of the box. With its free coding app, students can progress through three learning levels of coding. Root has lights, sounds, and sensors as well as the ability to climb your magnetic whiteboard! Come check out this course and explore all that the Root has to offer!

Presidential Film Festival

Note, this course was previously aired but because of its popularity we are running a recording of this session live at this time. The presenter will not be able to address your questions, but our Professional Development team members will be in the chat box to answer any questions you have. This session can also be found in our Course Library by searching the same title.

Have your students educate their peers, parents, the entire school, or the district about the importance of celebrating President's Day! Join us to learn how you can utilize technologies such as Screencastify or Flipgrid to have your students record themselves acting out important scenes from Lincoln's presidency. Then, discover how student work can be pushed out to the school and parents as a Presidential Film Festival!

Redefining Creative Writing Prompts

Explore the boundaries of creative expression in this course on redefining creative writing prompts. In this course, we will explore diverse methods for crafting prompts that help ignite your students’ imagination. We will also delve into innovative approaches to showcase students’ writing as we break away from traditional molds.

MC: School Leadership - Session 7 - Conducting Effective Observations

Many effective coaches and leaders use observations to collect data, later utilizing them as a vehicle to deliver usable and sustainable feedback to their direct reports. What makes a good observation? What do you look for, and what do you do as a leader to coach teachers? This course will share various practices and techniques to support the growth and development of teachers and staff through observations.

Introduction to Restorative Practices

Using restorative practices in your classroom can be a game changer for building and maintaining positive relationships with challenging students. Join us for this course where we will lay a foundation for restorative circles, where they originated, and useful ways to integrate them into your practice.

Demonstrating Understanding with Infographics

When students create infographics, they are using informational, visual, and technological literacies. When teachers create infographics, they can spark classroom debates, gamify an activity, or provide aid for a difficult concept. Infographics can make wonderful study guides, but what happens when students struggle to understand them? Join us as we dissect these unique tools and learn how to develop assessments to help students successfully showcase a mastery of their knowledge through infographics.

Integration Tips for Google Chrome Canvas in the Classroom

Did you know there is a hidden gem in the world of Google-created apps? It's the relatively new app, Google Canvas! Let's explore this easy-to-use and navigable application that will allow your students to be little Picassos or VanGoghs. We will learn how to express our creative side by incorporating this app with other Google Workspace apps for easy classroom use.

MC: School Leadership - Session 6 - Creating an Effective and Sustainable PD Plan

Identifying and planning professional development can be one of the most challenging tasks we have as leaders. This course will share methods of using student data, the school improvement plan, family engagement, and several other sources to create a professional development plan to support your staff and school community.