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Canvas - Announcements and Discussions

In this video we'll explore how teachers can post announcments to keep their students currrent with what is going on.  Also, discussions during class are a great tool for going deeper into what the students should know.

Canvas - Adding Quizzes

Watch this video to see a couple example of quizzes on your Canvas platform, and how to create and post them for students.

Canvas for Parents: Students Turning in Their Assessments

In this video, we'll show you how to help your child find their quizzes and tests inside the Canvas LMS and how to submit them to their teacher. 

Canvas for Parents: Students Finding Their Courses

In this video we'll focus on how parents can help students find their Canvas courses after logging in.

Canvas for Parents: Students Submitting Assignments

As a parent, you can help your student find where his/her assignments are listed and how to turn them in to the teacher.