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GoGuardian - Basics

This video covers the basics of what a teacher can do inside GoGuardian to monitor what activities students are doing on their Chromebooks.  It includes Teacher Commands, Sessions and Scenes.  Come and join us!

GoGuardian - Student Communication

During a monitoring session, teachers can use GoGuardian to do text chat communication and other methods to give instructions, control off-task behavior and do re-teaching and remediation.  Take a look here to see a demonstration of these tools.

GoGuardian - Scene Modes

To help guide and focus students during a GoGuardian monitoring session, teachers can set up Scenes which allows or blocks certain websites and offers tab management.  Check out how to do this in this video.

GoGuardian - Timeline Review

After a monitoring session, teachers can review the Chromebook activity for each student by looking at the timeline which is saved within each Session.

GoGuardian - Off-Task Behavior

Off-Task Behavior is a setting in GoGuardian when in a session.  Teachers can see through a colorcoding system when students are not on task.  Check out how to set it up and what it looks like during a lesson.

GoGuardian - Teacher Commands

During a Session, these are the tools you can use with your students to keep them on track and help them remain productive and on task.

GoGuardian - Monitoring Screens

When you start a session, you'll be able to see the Chromebook/device screen of each connected student during your lesson.

GoGuardian - Adding Owners, Teachers and Helpers

Why do it all yourself?  Add other owners, teachers and helpers to your GoGuardian account to help you during student Chromebook monitoring sessions.  This video shows you how.

GoGuardian - Enrolling Students

In GoGuardian, once you have set up a class, then you need to enroll students.  This video shows you how in multiple methods.  Enjoy!

GoGuardian - Creating Classrooms

In GoGuardian, you can create classes by importing and synchronizing with Google Classroom or set them up manually.  Take a look!