Instructional Skills Schoology for Parents

Schoology: Turning in Assignments

How students can find Schoology assignment work to finish and turn in to the teacher.

Schoology: Checking Your Child's Progress

In today's video, we'll learn how to check your child's grades while in the student view.

Schoology: Joining a Group on Schoology

In this tutorial we'll cover how you or your child would go about joining a new group on Schoology. 

Schoology: How Your Child Can Submit an Assessment

In this tutorial we'll learn how students can take and submit an assessment/test/quiz in Schoology. 

Schoology: How Your Child Can Join a New Course

Learn how to help your child join a new course in their Schoology account. 

Schoology: How Your Child Can Find Their Courses

In this video, we'll cover how you can help your child see all the different courses they are enrolled in. 

Schoology: Viewing Your Child's Calendar

In this video, we'll see how to check a child's calendar through the student view in you Schoology parent account. 

Schoology: Creating a Personal Library in My Resources

In this video, we'll cover how to create your own library of resources in Schoology using My Resources. 

Schoology: Observing Your Child's Account in the Student View

In this video, learn how to view your child's Schoology courses from the student perspective.

Schoology: Creating a Parent Account

In this quick tutorial, we'll go over how to create a Schoology parent account for the first time.

Schoology: How Your Child Can Submit an Assignment

In this video, you'll learn how your child can work on and submit an assignment in their Schoology account. 

Schoology: Sending a Message

In this video, we'll show you how to send a message within your Schoology account. 

Schoology: Adding Additional Children to Your Account

Learn how to add a new child to your existing schoology account.

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