Teachers Product Familiarization Math

littleBits Math Pack

Interested in getting your upper elementary students to apply math concepts and put their creative side to work creating inventions? Join us to explore the littleBits Math Expansion pack, and learn how it helps promote hands-on learning experiences and collaboration among the students in your class. Students will leave lessons with a deepened math understanding and strengthened engineering design skills!

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Computer Science Principles: Encryption

Sending secure information over the Internet is a technologically amazing feat. In this session, we'll demonstrate a lesson that makes this highly complex topic relatable for your middle school students using math. This course is aligned to the K-12 Computer Science Framework core concept Networks and the Internet.

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OpenEd in the Math Classroom

Come take a look through the largest organized resource library for K-12 teachers; the right resource available for each and every standard and student. Our PD specialists will explore OpenEd with you and show how teachers can utilize this platform in their math classroom. From quizzes and formative assessments, to homework assignments and lessons, OpenEd automatically grades for you! Students love OpenEd in the Math class due to the fact that videos and games are recommended to them based on their performance. There is a resource aligned to every single Common Core Math standard. The result of OpenEd is truly personalized learning for each student!

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SMART Math tools

SMART Learning Suite now includes most all of the Math features that used to be separate in previous versions of Notebook. We'll explore the Math tools options within Notebook 16 that you might find useful within your classroom. This includes tools for fractions, graphing, and basic geometry.

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Digital Online Certifications

Below are some popular Digital Teacher Certifications that are available as a series of online courses. Click on a logo to start your certification track today!