Schoology for K-2 Teachers

Whether you're in the classroom or at home, engaging learners in the primary grades is essential to developing strong skills. Help provide at-home activities and assignments, share news and events, and post resources for your K-2 students and their parents using Schoology. We'll share tips and tricks for getting you started. As well as some engaging activities and resources!

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Using Schoology for Remote Learning

In recent weeks, distance learning has taken over as the vehicle to continue teaching -- even when students and teachers aren’t together in a physical classroom. Join us as we explore Schoology, a virtual learning environment that allows you to create, manage, and share academic content with the students in your K-12 class. We’ll share some tips including setting up your class, inviting students and parents to your course page, and adding materials and instructions to get your remote learning Schoology classroom started!

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Introduction to Schoology

Does technology hold the key to academic success? Schoology is a virtual learning environment that allows you to create, manage, and share academic content with the students in your K-12 class. Join our team as we explore the schoology platform and how it helps to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and deliver a personalized learning experience for students. 

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Schoology: Turning in Assignments

How students can find Schoology assignment work to finish and turn in to the teacher.

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Schoology Overview for Parents

Is your child's school using Schoology for remote learning? Join this session for a quick overview of the Schoology platform. We’ll guide you through the basics, and then share some tips to help your child be successful.

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Schoology: Installing an App

Schoology apps are third party programs, websites or tools that can be integrating into student resources and assignments.  This video show you how to install and enable them inside the Schoology platform.

Schoology: Course Updates & Announcements

In Schoology, a teacher can post updates and announcements for parents and students.  This video show you how.

Schoology: Awarding & Creating Badges

How teachers can find or create badges, then award them to students.

Schoology: Adding Students to Course

This video shows how teachers can invite students to join their Schoology courses.

Schoology: Teachers Grading Assignments

Once students do their work in Schoology, how do teachers grade it?

Digital Online Certifications

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