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Apple iPad apps: ELA

In this session of Teq Online PD we will be showing you some of our favorite Apple iPad apps for use in the ELA classroom! We will demonstrate the use of English Grammar quizzes for kids with the use of mobile devices, show you how you can easily transform hard copied documents and articles to your device for translation and edits, and provide instruction for English language learners through completely free applications.

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Persuasive Writing

This session will provide web tools, apps, and Notebook techniques to strengthen students' persuasive writing skills. Teachers will learn how to create technology-focused lessons to teach students to develop arguments to support claims using valid reasoning and sufficient evidence through the use of tools such as Collaborize Classroom, Titanpad, Poll Everywhere, and NearPod.

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Writing Across the Curriculum

Learn how technology can enhance your student's ability to write more effectively. We'll show you how to use the interactive whiteboard software to create templates that will help your students construct well thought out paragraphs. Use the floating tools to edit right at the interactive whiteboard. Create lessons that will encourage your students to think critically about the writing process.

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Digital Online Certifications

Below are some popular Digital Teacher Certifications that are available as a series of online courses. Click on a logo to start your certification track today!