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Teachers < 15 min NYC DOE Accessibility Awareness Workshop

Accessibility Awareness Workshop Session 4 - Reasonable Accommodations and Events for All

The final session, in the Accessibility Awareness Workshop will include information about how to request reasonable accommodations and make sure that accessibility is available for public events.

Accessibility Awareness Workshop Session 3 - Accessibility Guidelines

Session 3 in this workshop is all about “Accessibility Guidelines." Here we define building guidelines and how to create a contingency plan.

Accessibility Awareness Workshop Session 1 - Accessibility Overview

In this first of four sessions participants will receive an opportunity to explore and enhance their understanding of the term disability as well as receiving an overview on who the term disability is defined, followed by an introduction and general information discussion on the NYC DOE offices who are involved with the task of bringing accessibility to all New York City schools.

Accessibility Awareness Workshop Session 2 - Consideration of Needs

Session 2 will cover considerations of needs for individuals with disabilities. This will cover disability etiquette as well as some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to language and communication.  The session will wrap up discussing into further detail some considerations and then how the DOE has created Building Accessibility Profiles for school buildings.