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Serve Your School Community with Sora

We will explore the many features and benefits of Sora by OverDrive, including how it can be used to support literacy and learning in the classroom and beyond. We will also demonstrate how to get started with Sora, including how to sign in, borrow books, and customize your reading experience. Whether you are a teacher, librarian, or student, Sora by OverDrive is a must-have tool for anyone looking to discover and explore the world of digital reading.

DYK Sora Sweet Reads

Learn about Sora Sweet Reads, an annual reading program designed to encourage students to keep reading all year long

DYK Sharing Links Through Sora

Learn how to share direct links to titles, collections, and more in Sora

DYK Library Lending Models

Learn the simplest ways to see how many copies of a title are available in Sora