Product Familiarization 15 min - 30 min Microsoft

Starting Off Your Year with Microsoft Office 365

School is back in session! Are you ready? Whether your answer is yes or no, Microsoft Office 365 has some great tools for teachers to use in the classroom. Join our session to discover how you can prepare for the new school year using Microsoft Office 365.

Breaking Language Barriers with Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator, a free multilingual translation cloud service, can help bridge the communication gap for educators, parents, and students. Today's teachers are striving to present content in new and creative ways in order to reach the diverse students in their classroom. From English Language Learners to students who are hard of hearing, many students require some sort of assistive technology. It doesn't stop at students - teachers are constantly finding innovative ways to communicate with family members and school staff during parent-teacher conferences, school events, and community outreach events. Microsoft Translator supports accessible classroom learning. With our curriculum specialists, you'll learn to use the many Microsoft Translator features such as live captioning, transcription, and translation!

Sharing, Creating, and Collaborating with Microsoft OneDrive

Learn all about One Drive, the cloud service from Microsoft. Let our PD instructors show you how to use this service to collaborate all your Microsoft Office applications, share your documents with students and peers, and access your documents from any device, wherever there is Internet access! 

Organize and Effectively Use Your Computer: Windows 10

Join us to learn some basic ways to keep your computer content organized and enhance your knowledge of programs that you can use in the classroom. We will be discussing how to successfully create and save documents, how to create favorites in an appropriate web browser, and how to organize all of this great content for easy access for your Windows 10 computer.

What's New in Windows 10?

Following the release of Windows 10 we'll cover the newest features that you need to know to be successful in using Windows 10 in your classroom.

Introduction to Office on the Surface-Part 2

This session of Introduction to Office on the Surface focuses on a unique new addition to Powerpoint known as Mix. Mix allows teachers to convert Powerpoint presentations into interactive movies, then use these movies to deliver instruction and gather student data directly. During the session we will outline how to use the Sirface Pro 3 to download the Mix tools, use them to add video, audio, activity widgets and assessment questions, then upload a completed lesson for sharing with the whole class. 

Introduction to Office on the Surface - Part 1

In this introductory course to Microsoft Office, we'll look at some tools that make using the software suite both easy and productive. From pen and inking tools to changing how you display a presentation, we'll address the subtle differences that come with using these familiar applications on your new device.

Digital Online Certifications

Below are some popular Digital Teacher Certifications that are available as a series of online courses. Click on a logo to start your certification track today!