30 min - 45 min Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Live to Stream School Events

Throughout the year, there are dozens of events that are worth sharing live with the school community. Microsoft Teams Live is a tool that allows for one-way streaming of video, audio, and live events to audience members that are unable to attend in person. With this tool, audience members are unable to un-mute or share their screen during your live event. Join us as we discuss how to use Microsoft Teams Live to stream school events so that everyone in your school community can participate in your school’s biggest moments.  

Co-Teaching Remotely with Microsoft

Whether you're within the walls of the classroom or connecting with students and other educators remotely, Microsoft provides the tools you need to support classroom management and keep students engaged with high-quality instructional materials and activities. Microsoft has a number of education tools from Office 365 to Teams that can support co-teaching during remote instruction situations. Join us as we walk through some of the Microsoft tools to help support collaborative teaching during distance education.

Providing PBL Activities for Students at Home with Microsoft Teams

In this session we will explore Project Based Learning (PBL) with a twist - creating successful PBL opportunities remotely! We will explore how to use Microsoft Teams to build PBL activities and promote collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Teams para el aprendizaje remoto

¿Sabía que Office 365 para educación tiene una aplicación perfecta para el aprendizaje remoto? Es posible que actualmente no lo esté utilizando, pero Microsoft Teams es una solución ideal para configurar una experiencia de aprendizaje remoto para sus alumnos. Únase a nosotros en este video mientras le explicamos cómo utilizar mejor esta aplicación de Microsoft.

Using Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning

Did you know Office 365 for Education has a feature that's perfect for remote learning? You may not currently be using it, but Microsoft Teams is your ideal solution for setting up a remote learning experience for your students. Join us as we walk through how to best utilize this Microsoft app.

Wrapping Up Your Year with Microsoft Office 365

Hang in there — summer is almost here! Join our curriculum specialists as we take a look at how to close out the school year using Microsoft 365. We will be focused on getting you ready for next school year now, so you can have more fun in the sun this summer. We'll show you how to organize your OneDrive, get student feedback, and create a summer to-do list so you are ready to hit the ground running at the start of the next school year.

Representing Data in Charts

The purpose of a chart is to visualize data in a way that accurately represents the story a dataset is telling. Tools like Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers offer a wide variety of chart options and it is sometimes difficult to decide which works best for your purpose and identify which don’t work at all. Join us as we discuss what components are important in various chart types and the ways you can help students choose the appropriate chart for their dataset!

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 14 - Final Assignment

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final step of Teq's Digital Teacher Certification for Microsoft Office 365. Now it’s time to review what you learned and show off your new found skills. By the end of the sequence, teachers will be asked to make curriculum connections and create a PBL Lesson or Student Proposal which incorporates the use of the Microsoft suite and instructional techniques highlighted throughout the sessions.  After your PBL Lesson or Student Proposal is approved, you will obtain your Digital Teacher Certification, showing your ability to effectively integrate Microsoft Office 365 in your classroom. Remember, our PD instructors are available to answer any and all questions you may have well after your training is through! 

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 12 - Office Mix & Stream

Join our Curriculum Specialists for session 12 of Teq’s DTC: Microsoft Office 365 series. During this session, we will explore 2 Microsoft applications, Office Mix, and Stream. Created with educators in mind, Office Mix gives you the tools needed to create and share interactive online activities and Stream makes video sharing easier. Join us as we discuss what each of these applications are, how to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive lessons with Sway, and using the important smart search feature in Stream.

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 9 - PowerPoint

Join us for an exciting session in our Microsoft Digital Teacher Certification Series focusing on creating engaging and useful presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint! In this session our Curriculum Specialists will share with you some of the best tips and tricks for creating presentations for a variety of purposes; proposals, direct instruction, engaging multiple learning styles, and increasing interactivity. The skills obtained in this session will be essential to your final project.

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 6 - Yammer and Publisher

Join us for our 6th session as we share with you Microsoft’s powerful community reach out and print production tools, Microsoft Yammer and Publisher. Yammer is a social networking service that better connects individuals within an organization or community. With it a school can enhance communication between essential district stakeholders such as parents, caregivers, educators, students, and administrators. Publisher is a simplified creation application for distribution and publication intentions. With it an individual can produce engaging, informational, design forward, graphics.

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 3 - Planner and Outlook

Session 3 of our Microsoft Digital Teacher Certification focuses on creating a project timeline, increasing communication, and organizing meetings with the use of Microsoft Planner and Outlook. Within Planner, we will guide you through the process of assigning and organizing tasks to keep track of progress and assign jobs to keep responsibilities clear. Using Outlook, we’ll view group member availability, create meeting appointments while finding appropriate locations and times, as well as give you some beneficial tips and tricks for staying connected through emails.

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 2 - OneNote and OneDrive

Join us for our second session as we take a look at some tools to help you with the next step of the project creation process, brainstorming and collecting information with the use of Microsoft OneNote and OneDrive. OneNote is a fantastic collaboration tool to gather information in free form by allowing typed and written annotations, and the insertion of pictures, drawings, and audio commentaries. OneDrive allows you to store your files on the web and gives you the ability to sync and share them with others. You can easily access all your files with an internet connection from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Teq DTC: Microsoft Office 365 Session 1 - Introduction

Earn your Digital Teacher Certification by learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Office 365 with our 13 part certification series. Join us for our first session, an introduction to the certification track, where we will share with you an outline of the topics we will cover. We will guide you through the process of logging in and downloading the software and provide you with an example of the final project. Lastly, we will explore some support resources to help you build your understanding of Microsoft Office 365!

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for working with data, perfect for gathering and analyzing data to inform instruction. Explore the basics of data and inputting information, including how to use equations, and format cells to analyze and display that information. We’ll also cover how students can use this software to do the same in order to show their learning.

Microsoft Sway

With Microsoft Sway you can create reports, presentations, newsletters, and personal stories. In this session we will show you how to use this powerful tool to switch layouts, styles, select images, use Remix, and add content.

Clerical Applications: Excel

Join us for our second session of our Clerical Applications Series! In our first session we focused on Microsoft Word and in this session we will be working with Microsoft Excel. Our Curriculum Specialists will show you how to customize the Excel interface, format text and numbers, utilize templates, perform basic calculations using applicable functions, utilize editing and sharing settings, and some more general tips to maximize the usefulness of Excel for your staff. 

Clerical Applications: Word

Join us for our first ever Clerical Applications series! For our first session we will be focusing on Microsoft Word. Our Curriculum Specialists will show you how to format your documents, create and edit headings and templates, export documents to various formats, import fonts, utilize keyboard shortcuts, and some of the useful editing and sharing settings within Word. 

Better Student Handouts with Publisher

Join us to learn about Microsoft Publisher and how to create engaging handouts with it. Learn to swap pictures in your design, use professional looking effects, import online pictures, and use pictures as backgrounds!

Modeling Advanced Mathematics with Microsoft Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for working with data, perfect for gathering and analyzing data to inform instruction. Explore the advanced techniques of manipulating and working with data data. We will take a look at various statistical formulas and advanced calculations that can be used in the Excel program.

Digital Online Certifications

Below are some popular Digital Teacher Certifications that are available as a series of online courses. Click on a logo to start your certification track today!