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Celebrating National Johnny Appleseed Day with PBL

In honor of National Johnny Appleseed Day, come on a journey with us as we learn about the history and travels of Johnny Appleseed. In this session, we will discuss ways that you can incorporate PBL into your classroom using the American legend as your segue. Additionally, we will explore topics such as Google Earth, robotics, UN initiatives, science, math, and ELA to aid you on your PBL journey.

Rube Goldberg Machines with iBlocks

Learn how to use the iBlocks framework to guide your students through the Engineering Design Process, first building context and understanding around Rube Goldberg, simple machines, and then how they come together in a Rube Goldberg Machine. IBlocks content leads students through the planning, design, and construction of their machine and finally, the testing and evaluation, where students learn the importance of refining, remixing, and redesigning.