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Teq DTC: Google Educator Advanced Session 5 - Using Student Data to Drive Instruction

When it comes to collecting data from students, many of us are familiar with the ways in which we can use technology to our benefit. The part you might not be aware of is how we can then use this data to determine the best methods of instruction going forward. Join Session 5 of our Google Educator Advanced series to learn how this data can be used for the greater good of the entire classroom.

Teq DTC: Google Educator Basics Session 13 - YouTube

Did you know that YouTube, the popular video sharing website, can be used as an effective tool in the classroom? Join us for Session 13 of our Google Educator Basics Digital Teacher Certification series to learn about embedding videos, creating playlists, and more!

Teq DTC: Google Educator Basics Session 7 - Collaborating with Docs & Drawings

Session 7 of our Google Educator Basics Digital Teacher Certification is all about Google Docs, Google Drawings, and using these tools for class collaboration! We will discuss the real-time editing features of Google Docs and the ability to share these files with individuals or groups for editing and providing feedback. We'll also dive into how to use Google Drawings to increase collaboration and creativity in the classroom.

More Google Extensions

Google Extensions are additional components available on Google Chrome used to customize and enhance searches based on users' specific needs and tasks! In this PD session, we'll explore sample extensions and discuss ways in which they will be beneficial in the classroom!

Preparing Your Google Drive for a New School Year

Teacher-created content, student assignments, lessons for presentation -- there are a lot of materials that may be crowding up your Google Drive. Join us as we discuss some best practices and techniques to organize content you may be storing in your Drive. We will cover practices of uploading and converting content, creating nested folders, and simple workflow techniques which will help you get the year started on the right foot using your cloud-based storage inDrive.

Google Apps - Drawings

In this session we will start with the basics of the Drawings apps including the layout and menu options. We will focus our time on the types of content you can add and how to add this content into Drawings. Finally we will discuss sharing and collaboration to create an interactive learning environment.  

Google Apps - Forms

In this session of Google Forms we will discuss how to create and use forms to gather data, assess students and, with the assistance of sheets, display data graphically. We will also review how to share and collaborate on forms in relevant classroom situations.

Google Apps - Sheets Advanced

During this advanced session of Sheets we will discuss how to create and customize charts using data from a sheet. We will focus on building comprehensive sheets for use in the classroom with advanced features such as add-ons, publishing and exporting tools.

Google Apps - Sheets Basics

In this first session on Sheets we will cover the basics of creating a sheet, adding content and formatting. We will then discuss use of sheets in relevant classroom situations using sharing and collaboration features.

Google Apps - Sites Advanced

During this advanced session of Google sites we will cover how to create a multi-page site using a variety of layouts. We will discuss adding content from other Google apps and relevant 3rd party apps. We will also cover how to share your site and highlight the benefits of doing so for both students and teachers in the classroom.

Google Apps - Sites Basics

In this first course on creating a Google Site we will focus on creating a plan for your site that is relevant to your position. Participants will leave the course with a basic site using a user chosen theme and a homepage with a customized layout.

Google Apps - Slides

During this session of Google slides participants will learn how to create a slides presentation that includes a variety of content options such as text, images, animations and links. We will also discuss how to share, collaborate and publish their slides as these features apply to the classroom.

Digital Online Certifications

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