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Representing Data in Charts

The purpose of a chart is to visualize data in a way that accurately represents the story a dataset is telling. Tools like Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers offer a wide variety of chart options and it is sometimes difficult to decide which works best for your purpose and identify which don’t work at all. Join us as we discuss what components are important in various chart types and the ways you can help students choose the appropriate chart for their dataset!

Better Bookmarks

Some days we have so many ideas running through our minds its hard to keep track. Do you ever wish you could capture specific aspects of resources found online like a photo on a digital poster, jot down voice memos, or tag resources to find later? Join us as we explore the many benefits of using apps like Diigo and Google Keep to organize those ideas and save them for those rare days when we do have time.

Using the Google Cultural Institute for a Unique Learning Opportunity

The Google Cultural Institute allows users to discover exhibits and collections from a variety of museums and cultural archives throughout the world.  Learn how to use this great educational tool within the context of a well-developed learning opportunity for students. Explore all that Google has to offer with this very special program which allows students to experience a new level of educational exploration. 

Digital Online Certifications

Below are some popular Digital Teacher Certifications that are available as a series of online courses. Click on a logo to start your certification track today!