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NLM - Transportation - Lesson - 13 - Vehicle Motion

Students will use critical thinking skills to determine what type of vehicles Mr. Jared is discussing.

NLM - Personal Items & Personal Space - Lesson - 3- Personal Items: Usage & Identification

Students will observe and identify the common items that assist them in daily living. Students will apply this knowledge to communicate daily choices.

NLM - Transportation - Lesson - 14 - Transportation: Functions & Classifications

Students will identify the names, functions and classifications of different types of vehicles used for transportation.

NLM - Letters - Lesson - 25 - Letter Case

Students will experience the concept of upper and lower case letters through drawing, sculpting, and AAC choice.

NLM - Money - 36 - Addition with Coins - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to combine different coins so that they add up to specific sums of money.

NLM - Money - 34 - Know Your Coins - Digital Lesson

Students will become familiar with the basic coin types and how to count them.

NLM - Animals - 24 - Animals: Classification - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to classify animals based off of features, habitat, and grouping.

NLM - Shapes - 33 - 2D & 3D Shapes - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to identify two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes. Students will recognize the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

NLM - Animals - 22 - Animal Habitats - Digital Lesson

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of animal habitats through sensory experience and creative activities.

NLM - Space - 20 - Planets - Digital Lesson

Students will learn factual information about the characteristics the planets in our solar system.  

NLM - Space - 19 - Sun, Moon, Stars, & Light - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about the nature of Space and the Earth’s relation to the Sun, Moon, and Stars. They will gain an understanding of light, and its impact on life.

NLM - Weather - 9 - Seasons & Clothing Choices - Digital Lesson

Students will identify each season and explore how differences in weather affects activities and clothing choices. Students will apply this knowledge and choose clothing for each season. 

NLM - Colors - 18 - Primary & Secondary Color Mixing - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about and understand what happens when you begin to mix together the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. We get secondary colors like orange, green, and purple.

NLM - Numbers - 29 - Simple Addition - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to add 1 to digits 1-10 and find the sum.

NLM - Numbers - 30 - Place Values - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about place value. Students will identify the place values for tens and ones places, numbers 10-30.

Ozobot Basics

Join us to code with colors! Ozobot's Evo is a robot that can operate with color or block coding.  This tiny but mighty robot packs a lot of power with serveral sensors and communitcation options.  Come join us, you won't want to miss this one!