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Google Workspace for Education: Google Slides

Let’s take our knowledge of Google Tools to the next level! Join us as we discuss the benefits of using Google Slides with your students. We’ll show you how to create engaging and visually appealing Google Slide presentations using text, images, animations, and links. We’ll also discuss how to share, collaborate, and publish your slides. Finally, we’ll cover some best practices for using Google Slides across all grade levels!

A Robotic 4th of July Celebration

Are you looking for a way to incorporate a variety of edtech devices into your 4th of July celebrations? If so, look no further! In this session, we'll prepare you to challenge students to sign the Declaration of Independence using iRobot, create a fireworks display, and so much more!

Assessment in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape various aspects of our lives, we must consider the impact it has on student assessment. This course will highlight the challenges and opportunities that teachers face with the rise of generative AI, and how AI impacts the development and delivery of student assessments. We'll explore how AI-powered exams can improve fairness, increase reliability, avoid cheating, improve student well-being, and save teachers time. Dr Patrik Nilsson, CIO and co-founder of Dugga Digital Assessment, will discuss how Dugga is changing the assessment.

Patrik Nilsson, PhD is the Founder, VP and CIO of Dugga Digital Assessment. He is an innovator, systems architect, and entrepreneur in the edtech & ICT space. As a researcher, author, keynote speaker, and awarded lecturer, Patrik works for equal education opportunities for all students.

Going Further with Dugga

In the second part of our Dugga OTIS series, we will take a look at more question types for assessment, security measures that can be used for scheduled exams, integration with Microsoft Teams. Join us for some digital assessment fun!

Celebrating a Great Year with Canva

The school year is ending, and both teachers and students are preparing for the next phase. But not so fast! Students have accomplished a lot this past school year, and it's time to reflect on and celebrate their achievements. Join us as we look at how you and your students can use Canva to create awards, memory books, and other mementos to commemorate the year. Whether you use these as part of formal or informal celebrations, you're sure to find a helpful tip or two along the way.

Web Safety for Students

As technology continues to evolve, digital citizenship is an essential tool to teach students. As 21st century learners, it is important for students to have a deep understanding of how to work appropriately online. In this session, we'll dive into strategies to help students build critical thinking skills as they navigate internet safety. Join us as we explore best practices and resources to teach digital citizenship and web safety in the classroom.

Teaching Academic Integrity in the Age of AI

With AI at the forefront of today's technology, learning how to use it in moderation is crucial. During this course, we will explore how to maintain academic integrity while utilizing AI. We will discuss the meaning of academic integrity, the ethical implications of using AI, plagiarism, and how to use AI tools responsibly and effectively.

Using Gemini to Jumpstart the Writing Process

Are your students stuck staring at a blank page? In this session, we will explore how to use Google's AI platform, Gemini, to help students tackle the different stages of the writing process. Topics will include generating creative ideas, overcoming writer's block, exploring different directions for student writing, and suggestions for making revisions. Join us to see how Gemini can become your secret weapon for engaging students in crafting exceptional writing!

Skill Building with Brain Breaks

Who said brain breaks can't be educational? Join us as we show you fun ways to help students review learning in exciting ways - all while giving students a quick pause on their traditional lessons.