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Quick Collaborative Activities You Can Create in 15 Minutes

Looking to bring more collaborative learning opportunities to your classroom but not sure where to start? Join Monica Burns for a brand new webinar featuring quick collaborative activities you can create in just 15 minutes. During this session, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the free, interactive presentation tool Lumio. You'll hear how Lumio is different from SMART Notebook and how you can use this dynamic tool with or without a SMART Board. Attendees will get a chance to participate in interactive activities and create their own collaborative task during the webinar.

NLM - Transportation - Lesson - 13 - Vehicle Motion

Students will use critical thinking skills to determine what type of vehicles Mr. Jared is discussing.

NLM - Transportation- Lesson - 15 - Transportation: Classifications

Students will use inquisitive thinking skills to determine appropriate vehicle types based on transportation mode, speed, and cargo.

NLM - Personal Items & Personal Space - Lesson - 3- Personal Items: Usage & Identification

Students will observe and identify the common items that assist them in daily living. Students will apply this knowledge to communicate daily choices.

NLM - Transportation - Lesson - 14 - Transportation: Functions & Classifications

Students will identify the names, functions and classifications of different types of vehicles used for transportation.

NLM - Letters - Lesson - 25 - Letter Case

Students will experience the concept of upper and lower case letters through drawing, sculpting, and AAC choice.

NLM - Letters - Lesson - 26 - Alphabetic Ordering

Students will identify the letters in the alphabet and how they are ordered.

NLM - Letters - Lesson - 27 - Vowel Sounds

Students will grasp the concept of vowel sounds and their impact on words.

NLM - Choices-Lesson - 4- Likes & Dislikes

Students will practice expressing themselves in a variety of ways by communicating their likes and dislikes. They will come to understand the value of emotional expression in communication.

NLM - Money - 36 - Addition with Coins - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to combine different coins so that they add up to specific sums of money.

NLM - Money - 35 - Value of Coins - Digital Lesson

Students will learn the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

NLM - Money - 34 - Know Your Coins - Digital Lesson

Students will become familiar with the basic coin types and how to count them.

NLM - Animals - 23 - Animals: Classification & Habitats - Digital Lesson

Students will identify the animal and what habitat it inhabits.

NLM - Animals - 24 - Animals: Classification - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to classify animals based off of features, habitat, and grouping.

NLM - Shapes - 33 - 2D & 3D Shapes - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to identify two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes. Students will recognize the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

NLM - Body Parts - 10 - Body Parts: Identification - Digital Lesson

Students will grasp the concept that their bodies play a significant role in their everyday life experience.

NLM - Body Parts - 11 - Body Parts: Usage & Identification - Digital Lesson

Students will identify the names of parts of the body and understand how each body part can be used.

NLM - Body Parts - 12 - Five Senses - Digital Lesson

Students will learn the awesome purpose of the 5 senses in helping discover the world around them.

NLM - Animals - 22 - Animal Habitats - Digital Lesson

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of animal habitats through sensory experience and creative activities.

NLM - Shapes - 32 - Shapes: Properties - Digital Lesson

Students will identify the properties of a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.

NLM - Shapes - 31 - Shapes: Recognition - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about the concept of shapes. Students will think inquisitively as they recognize and identify shapes using objects in their environment. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of shapes by completing shape puzzle problems.

NLM - Space - 21 - Orbit & Axis - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about the Earth’s orbit and axis.

NLM - Space - 20 - Planets - Digital Lesson

Students will learn factual information about the characteristics the planets in our solar system.  

NLM - Space - 19 - Sun, Moon, Stars, & Light - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about the nature of Space and the Earth’s relation to the Sun, Moon, and Stars. They will gain an understanding of light, and its impact on life.

NLM - Weather - 8 - Types of Weather 14:40 - Digital Lesson

Students will identify the different types of weather.

NLM - Weather - 7 - Temperature - Digital Lesson

Students will learn to observe and discuss temperature as it relates to personal comfort. Students will understand how to communicate preferences about temperature and the items or actions they may need to be comfortable.

NLM - Weather - 9 - Seasons & Clothing Choices - Digital Lesson

Students will identify each season and explore how differences in weather affects activities and clothing choices. Students will apply this knowledge and choose clothing for each season. 

NLM - Personal Items & Personal Space - 2 - Personal Items: Identification - Digital Lesson

Students will identify their everyday items that they use and interact with.

NLM - Choices - 5 - Wants vs. Needs - Digital Lesson

Students will understand the difference between wants and needs. Students will sort items based on whether the item is a want or a need.

NLM - Choices - 6 - Sequencing - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about sequencing and the role it plays in our daily activities.

NLM - Colors - 16 - Colors: Recognition - Digital Lesson

Students will learn basic colors in association with relevant objects.

NLM - Colors - 17 - Colors: Association & Sorting - Digital Lesson

Students will identify the color of an object, determine whether or not it is shown in its natural color, and identify what color each object would be in its natural environment.

NLM - Colors - 18 - Primary & Secondary Color Mixing - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about and understand what happens when you begin to mix together the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. We get secondary colors like orange, green, and purple.

NLM - Numbers - 28 - Numbers: Recognition - Digital Lesson

Students will recognize and count with numbers 1-5 while associating one to one correspondence with objects.

NLM - Numbers - 29 - Simple Addition - Digital Lesson

Students will learn how to add 1 to digits 1-10 and find the sum.

NLM - Numbers - 30 - Place Values - Digital Lesson

Students will learn about place value. Students will identify the place values for tens and ones places, numbers 10-30.

NLM - Personal Items - 1 - Prepositions - Digital Lesson

Students will gain a stronger understanding of their relationship to their surroundings as they learn to identify prepositions. 

Delivering a Response 2 Activity in Lumio

When it's time for an assessment, deliver it to student devices via Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online). This video shows you how!

Delivering a Shout it Out! in Lumio

With your students connected to your Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online) online lesson, the teacher can send a Shout it Out! discussion activity to student devices.  Have a discussion. Run a debate.  Find out what your students may already know about the topic of your next lesson!

Delivering a Monster Quiz in Lumio

From Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online), you can send a Monster Quiz to your students' devices for a fun review or practice test!

Making a Copy of a Lumio File

Once inside your Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online) dashboard, this video shows how to make a copy of a lesson file you have in your library.  Now you can save different versions of your lessons for multiple student groups.

Converting a Google Drive File from the Lumio Dashboard

Once inside your Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online) dashboard, add another lesson from your Google Drive files such as Google Slides or a Google Doc.

Using the Desmos Widget in Lumio

In this skills video, we'll look at using the new Desmos Widget in Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online).  You'll learn everything you need to know to get started! 

Moving Students into Breakout Rooms in Teams

Learn how to move students into breakout rooms in Teams.

Changing Your Background Filters in Microsoft Teams

In this video we will demonstrate how to change you background filters in Microsoft Teams.

Using Breakout Rooms in Google Meet (Enterprise)

If you have Google Enterprise, you have access to the breakout room feature in Google Meet. In this quick skill course we will take a look at how to easily start a breakout room.

Financial Aid and Student Loans

Success! Your child has been accepted to their dream school! Now, how will they pay for it? We have all seen the headlines regarding the recent jump in students taking out loans for school, and the burden parents take on as borrowers, as well. In this session, we'll take a look at all of the different financial aid loans you might be eligible for, and we'll help you and your child make the decision that's best for everyone!

APPlicable - Apps to Support Your Student's College Search

In this APPlicable session, we'll look at college planning apps and scholarship tools to help you get your student prepared for their college search.

APPlicable: Apps to Help You Shop Smarter

In this session of APPlicable, we'll explore a variety of apps to ease the stresses of shopping. We'll show you apps that provide deals and savings, save you time, and help you manage those expenses.

APPlicable: Apps to Boost Organization & More!

Join us to discuss how our curated list of apps can make your life a little easier and more organized. Whether you have an Apple or Android advice, we've got you covered!

Socialization Techniques

"Nobody likes me!" As parents, helping your child resolve social issues can be a difficult experience, as is watching them deal with these kinds of emotions. Join us as we help you develop six methods to transform these conversations into opportunities for growth.

Stress Reducing Techniques

Everyone experiences stress, and how we deal with it has a huge impact on our lives. Join us to discover some ways to avoid stress — and if you can't avoid it, how to reduce it, and best handle those stressful situations.

New York State CTLE Requirements

Teq’s New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Webinar provides a brief overview of the new regulations required by educators (Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Administrators) to maintain their Certifications in NYS. The Webinar provides school and district leaders with valuable information on the CTLE Requirements, CTLE Approved Sponsors or Providers of Professional Development, as well as an overview of Teq’s CTLE Approved Professional Development, which includes our Onsite CTLE Approved Courses, our over 900 Online CTLE Approved Courses, and access to over 10 hours of “Free” CTLE Approved Courses via our “Getting Started” Site. At the conclusion of this Webinar, Teachers and School/District Leaders will have a better understanding of the NYS CTLE Requirements, greater insight into Teq’s Onsite and Online Professional Development Programs, Courses, and Platforms, and a list of resources and websites where they can find detailed information pertaining New York State’s Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Regulations and Teq’s CTLE Approved Professional Development.

Civics for Adults: Voting

The process of making one’s voice count is through one of the basic tenets of American society - the power of the voting booth. This video is the first in a series related to how one can vote in their local, state, and national elections.The first step to be able to vote is to register. By registering, you will be allowed to enter a designated polling place and cast your vote. So how does one become registered? Let’s begin.