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Changing Your Background Filters in Microsoft Teams

In this video we will demonstrate how to change you background filters in Microsoft Teams.

Accessing Google Classroom on an iPad

Learn how to access Google Classroom as a student from your iPad. 

GoGuardian - Student Communication

During a monitoring session, teachers can use GoGuardian to do text chat communication and other methods to give instructions, control off-task behavior and do re-teaching and remediation.  Take a look here to see a demonstration of these tools.

GoGuardian - Scene Modes

To help guide and focus students during a GoGuardian monitoring session, teachers can set up Scenes which allows or blocks certain websites and offers tab management.  Check out how to do this in this video.

GoGuardian - Timeline Review

After a monitoring session, teachers can review the Chromebook activity for each student by looking at the timeline which is saved within each Session.

GoGuardian - Off-Task Behavior

Off-Task Behavior is a setting in GoGuardian when in a session.  Teachers can see through a colorcoding system when students are not on task.  Check out how to set it up and what it looks like during a lesson.

GoGuardian - Teacher Commands

During a Session, these are the tools you can use with your students to keep them on track and help them remain productive and on task.

GoGuardian - Monitoring Screens

When you start a session, you'll be able to see the Chromebook/device screen of each connected student during your lesson.

GoGuardian - Adding Owners, Teachers and Helpers

Why do it all yourself?  Add other owners, teachers and helpers to your GoGuardian account to help you during student Chromebook monitoring sessions.  This video shows you how.

GoGuardian - Enrolling Students

In GoGuardian, once you have set up a class, then you need to enroll students.  This video shows you how in multiple methods.  Enjoy!

GoGuardian - Creating Classrooms

In GoGuardian, you can create classes by importing and synchronizing with Google Classroom or set them up manually.  Take a look!

Sharing a file in Teams

In this video we will demonstate how you can easily share a file from you computer in a  Microsoft Teams meeting.  

Signing into Your Microsoft Account

Learn how to sign into your Microsoft account.

Converting a Word Doc to a PDF

Learn how to convert a Word document to a PDF.

Canvas - Announcements and Discussions

In this video we'll explore how teachers can post announcments to keep their students currrent with what is going on.  Also, discussions during class are a great tool for going deeper into what the students should know.

SMART Notebook - Animating Text

When the teacher needs students to come up to the SMART board and tap on a word or letter to identify something in the lesson, text can be animated.  This means that the word or letter can magically change color!  This involves text animation, and this video show you how to create the magic!

Schoology: Course Updates & Announcements

In Schoology, a teacher can post updates and announcements for parents and students.  This video show you how.

SMART Podium Basics

In this short video, we will look into how to connect your SMART Podium to an external display as well as how to use the stylus for inking and touch.

Financial Aid and Student Loans

Success! Your child has been accepted to their dream school! Now, how will they pay for it? We have all seen the headlines regarding the recent jump in students taking out loans for school, and the burden parents take on as borrowers, as well. In this session, we'll take a look at all of the different financial aid loans you might be eligible for, and we'll help you and your child make the decision that's best for everyone!

APPlicable - Apps to Support Your Student's College Search

In this APPlicable session, we'll look at college planning apps and scholarship tools to help you get your student prepared for their college search.

APPlicable: Apps to Help You Shop Smarter

In this session of APPlicable, we'll explore a variety of apps to ease the stresses of shopping. We'll show you apps that provide deals and savings, save you time, and help you manage those expenses.

APPlicable: Apps to Boost Organization & More!

Join us to discuss how our curated list of apps can make your life a little easier and more organized. Whether you have an Apple or Android advice, we've got you covered!

Socialization Techniques

"Nobody likes me!" As parents, helping your child resolve social issues can be a difficult experience, as is watching them deal with these kinds of emotions. Join us as we help you develop six methods to transform these conversations into opportunities for growth.

Stress Reducing Techniques

Everyone experiences stress, and how we deal with it has a huge impact on our lives. Join us to discover some ways to avoid stress — and if you can't avoid it, how to reduce it, and best handle those stressful situations.

New York State CTLE Requirements

Teq’s New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Webinar provides a brief overview of the new regulations required by educators (Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Administrators) to maintain their Certifications in NYS. The Webinar provides school and district leaders with valuable information on the CTLE Requirements, CTLE Approved Sponsors or Providers of Professional Development, as well as an overview of Teq’s CTLE Approved Professional Development, which includes our Onsite CTLE Approved Courses, our over 900 Online CTLE Approved Courses, and access to over 10 hours of “Free” CTLE Approved Courses via our “Getting Started” Site. At the conclusion of this Webinar, Teachers and School/District Leaders will have a better understanding of the NYS CTLE Requirements, greater insight into Teq’s Onsite and Online Professional Development Programs, Courses, and Platforms, and a list of resources and websites where they can find detailed information pertaining New York State’s Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Regulations and Teq’s CTLE Approved Professional Development.

Civics for Adults: Voting

The process of making one’s voice count is through one of the basic tenets of American society - the power of the voting booth. This video is the first in a series related to how one can vote in their local, state, and national elections.The first step to be able to vote is to register. By registering, you will be allowed to enter a designated polling place and cast your vote. So how does one become registered? Let’s begin.

Using SMART Notebook Player App on iPad

Join Joseph as he explains how to use the SMART Notebook Player app on an iPad to untether you to a SMART IFP using the Notebook app in the iq module. Freely walk around your classroom while being able to deliver lessons seemlessly as students follw along on their personal devices.

Creating a Split Screen on a Chromebook

In this video we will demonstate how to create a split screen on your Chrombook.