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Using Gemini to Jumpstart the Writing Process

Are your students stuck staring at a blank page? In this session, we will explore how to use Google's AI platform, Gemini, to help students tackle the different stages of the writing process. Topics will include generating creative ideas, overcoming writer's block, exploring different directions for student writing, and suggestions for making revisions. Join us to see how Gemini can become your secret weapon for engaging students in crafting exceptional writing!

Intro to Inspirit

There is so much potential to bring your curriculum to life using virtual reality experiences. In this course, we will introduce the Inspirit VR headset that creates hands-on experiences for any classroom. You will learn how easy it is to implement and see the interactive modules that allow for deeper learning. Students can learn complex concepts like car mechanics and welding, as well as core subjects such as science. The classroom of the 21st century is here, so let's get acquainted with VR!

Getting Started with BreakoutEDU

Discover the power of BreakoutEDU in revolutionizing your teaching approach with this introductory course. Designed for educators, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of BreakoutEDU's principles, methods, and applications. Learn how to engage students in immersive learning experiences, foster collaboration, and develop critical thinking skills through gamified challenges. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies to implement BreakoutEDU effectively in your classroom, creating dynamic and memorable learning opportunities for your students.

Gamify Your End of Year Test Prep

Getting your students ready for end-of-year exams is a daunting task for teachers. This is especially true when you're still trying to complete the required curriculum for the year at the same time. How can you engage your students in material that they have not seen since the beginning of the year? Gamification may be the solution you are looking for! By making a game out of reviewing content, students can easily digest the content that they can expect on their final exams. In addition, gamification can raise student engagement, as students can compete against each other or themselves. In this session, we will look into how you can gamify your end of year reviews either with hands-on activities or with online resources that will spice up the review process for you and your students.

Intro to Piper Make

Welcome back, makers! Join us as we explore more of what Piper Inc. has to offer with Piper Make! In this course, we will review Piper's Chromebook-compatible hardware and software crafting station. We will dive into the free drag and drop coding platform to build physical circuits with the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit! If you want to take it a step further, we will also explore some of their career-connected widgets and accompanying free resources available on their website!

Engaging Students with Padlet

As educators, we are always looking for new ways to engage students in the learning process. During this course, we'll give you a basic overview of Padlet and how to use it. We'll also give you some tips on how to use Padlet to elevate the learning experience such as introducing new topics, virtual gallery walks, and reading logs.

Going on a Goosechase

Tag, you're it! Join us for a wild goose chase like you've never done before! In this session, we'll be exploring Goosechase, the online platform that can help you create interactive scavenger hunt experiences for students, staff, and more. Discover how to get started and different activity ideas for using Goosechase in the classroom.

Getting Started with BookWidgets

Reinforcing learning and assessing understanding are critical parts of helping students master content. As educators, we're constantly looking for tools that can engage students and make the process easier. Enter BookWidgets! This amazing tool offers over 40 exercise templates that can be used for practice or to provide summative and formative assessments. Join us to learn the ins and outs of getting started.

Intro to Newsela

Having a hard time finding leveled, grade-appropriate texts for your students? Look no further than Newsela! In this course, we will go over this great resource by exploring their full library of educational texts. We will discuss how to use Newsela in a variety of different subject areas as well as how to assign, monitor, and assess students on the platform. We will also explore some of the newly added features you won't want to miss!

Introducing the iRobot Root - Coding Robot

Students and teachers that are looking to engage in robotics and coding at all skill levels must check out the Root robot! iRobot, the makers of the famous Roomba, are the creators of the Root coding robot, which is ready to program right out of the box. With its free coding app, students can progress through three learning levels of coding. Root has lights, sounds, and sensors as well as the ability to climb your magnetic whiteboard! Come check out this course and explore all that the Root has to offer!

Lumio & Google Workspace for Education Integration

Lumio by SMART integrates with Google Workspace for Education. This session will cover how you can create, access, and deliver Lumio files from Google Drive and Google Classroom, all while using content that already exists in your Google Drive!

Snap Circuits Basics

In this session, we’ll introduce you to the world of Snap Circuits. Snap Circuits make learning electronics a snap starting at age 8. We’ll cover information about Snap Circuits parts, review basic troubleshooting, explore how to use them, and even demo some simple projects to get started.

Getting Started with Plickers

As teachers, we're constantly looking for ways to streamline our classroom and make everyday tasks easier. What if there was a tool that could help you easily informally assess your students and see what theme they want for their reward party? Look no further than Plickers! In this course, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get started using Plickers QR responses in your classroom. You'll walk away feeling confident in creating classes & your first activity, and be inspired to use them as part of your class routine.

Canva in the Classroom

Join us for this course where we will be exploring the digital design tool, Canva. Canva is perfect for both teachers and students to use in the classroom to create a wide variety of projects! We will explore the basics of digital design, photo editing, design layout, and more, all within this free and easy-to-use platform!

Using Read Along in Google Classroom

Check out this exciting new feature within Google Classroom - Google Read Along! Formerly called Bolo, Google Read Along is available to Google Workspace for Education Plus and Google Workspace for Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers. In this course, you'll discover how to get started using Read Along in Google Classroom, benefits and usage for students, best practices, and how you can design instructional tasks with Read Along. Learn how you can use this amazing Google app to help your students boost independence and build reading skills.

Teach Me How to Dugga

In five easy steps, you can create and conduct digital exams with Dugga! Dugga can be used for different subjects, levels of education, and assessments. This includes high-stakes exams, assignments, home exams, homework, tests, quizzes, and formative assessment - in-class or remote. In this session, you will get an overview of how to use Dugga as a tool for day-to-day assessment in your school.

Piper Basics

Welcome to the wonderful world of Piper! Join us for this session where we will learn about the basics of the Piper Computer Kit, a DIY computer kit designed to be put together like a wooden puzzle. Once assembled, students have the opportunity to learn and play through an interactive video game experience. Using Piper, students will learn the basics of engineering, coding, and computational thinking, all while developing the skills they need to solve larger real-world problems using technology.

Cricut Basics

Cricut makes smart cutting machines that work with an easy-to-use app to help teachers and students in all subject areas and all grade levels design and personalize almost anything. In this session, we’ll go over the basics of using a Cricut and cover how to get started with your Cricut account and their design software. We’ll also discuss some cross-curricular activity ideas for you and your students so you can get started on creating unique projects. Let’s explore what this fun and easy to use machine has to offer!

Getting Started with micro:bit

Meet micro:bit, a pocket-sized computer that introduces you and your students to the basics of how hardware and software interact with each other. In this introductory session, we will take a look at all the different features that the micro:bit has to offer and teach you how to incorporate it into your classroom with some easy fall activities that you can use to engage your students.

Getting Started with AR using Merge EDU

Merge EDU is a hands-on digital learning platform that engages students in STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold, and interact with using the Merge Cube. Join Jaime Donally from ARVRinEDU to discover the benefits of Merge EDU for teachers and students, learn how it works, and have an opportunity to participate from home. Attendees to this live session are automatically entered to win one of five bundles containing a free 1-year individual subscription to Merge EDU, a Merge Cube, a Merge t-shirt, and stickers!

Jaime Donally is a passionate technology enthusiast who began her career as a math teacher and later moved into instructional technology. Her latest adventures include the launch of Global Maker Day and the #ARVRinEDU community. She frequently presents at events, is an edtech author, and provides staff development and training on immersive technology and the practical use of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom.

Chromebook Accessibility Tools

Chromebooks have become a popular choice as schools look to provide students with digital devices. But did you know that Chromebooks and the Chrome browser have accessibility tools that can help make content accessible for everyone? Join us to learn about Chromebook accessibility tools and how they can benefit you and your students!