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Simple Steps for Cleaning Up Your Google Files

As many teachers reach the end of the school year, preparing for the next year is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, taking a few simple steps before you leave your classroom for the summer to get a head start will make your life much easier come next school year. In this session, we will walk through some simple steps to clean up your files in Google Drive to free up space and get organized, so you are ready to hit the ground running after a much-deserved summer break!

Skill Building with Brain Breaks

Who said brain breaks can't be educational? Join us as we show you fun ways to help students review learning in exciting ways - all while giving students a quick pause on their traditional lessons.

Including Inquiry-Based Learning Into Your Classroom

Sometimes you just need to shake things up in the classroom! Engagement can be a struggle, especially right before or right after long school breaks. Join us for this course where we will look at the benefits of incorporating inquiry-based learning into your classroom practice. Whether it is in a stand-alone project or incorporating the tenants of inquiry into your already existing curriculum, this course will give you the "why" behind inquiry-driven learning as well as activities, lessons, and ideas you can use right away!

The 4 Effective Ways to Re-Engage Students After a Holiday Break

Winter and holiday breaks are just around the corner, and while they are a time to relax and recharge, it can also be a time when your students seem to end up "forgetting" everything they've learned up to that point. Join us for this session where we will learn some strategies and concepts with four surefire ways to get your students quickly re-engaged in school and back on track to begin the second half of the school year!

Strategies to Prepare Students for Standardized Testing

Teachers and students alike may be feeling the pressure of having to properly prepare for spring testing. In this session, we will take a look at the different assessment types, plus test-taking strategies that will make students more comfortable in taking them. Let's grow our approach to testing so we can foster learning and showcase student knowledge.

Bring STEM into Every Classroom

Preparing students with the essential skills for the future requires all educators to create a culture for learning that sparks curiosity and innovation. Bringing STEM into every classroom is essential. Explore methods and tools that will empower educators to provide students with opportunities in STEM while helping them develop essential SEL skills. This session will share methods and tools with wide applicability to get teachers started with STEM in every classroom and lead students to become creators and innovators.

Rachelle Dene Poth is a Spanish and STEAM teacher and attorney. She is a frequent presenter at conferences on emerging technology and ways to benefit student learning. Rachelle has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Presidential Gold Award for Volunteer Service in Education. As an accomplished author, she has seven titles currently in print, and has contributed to multiple collaborative publications. She enjoys delivering PD, especially on appsmashing, AR/VR, SEL, STEM, project-based learning, and more.


Inspiring Equitable and Empowering Assessment

Leading change in assessment and grading practices is not for the faint of heart. In fact, advocating for change can leave someone feeling isolated and demoralized amidst the status quo. In this session, learn how to become an inspiring mentor that starts a movement towards equitable and empowering assessment practices. We’ll discuss how to co-create a vision, invite others to think differently, leverage portfolios to amplify feedback, and launch an authentic defense of learning.

Using Google Workspace in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom

Students at the secondary level (grades 9-12) are expected to be able to combine and utilize the many skills that they have acquired throughout their schooling years to work independently or collaboratively on projects such as writing research papers, engaging in current events, giving presentations, etc. Join us for this course to learn how using all of the functions available in Google Workspace is a great way to create and present engaging and meaningful projects in the social studies classroom.

Teach Coding Without the Code

Students can be introduced to coding concepts way before they ever maneuver their first block of code. In the session, we are going to show you how to teach coding concepts without the actual code! We will be demonstrating different techniques to get students to think like programmers so they can understand the functions behind writing code.

Quick Collaborative Activities You Can Create in 15 Minutes

Looking to bring more collaborative learning opportunities to your classroom but not sure where to start? Join Monica Burns for a brand new webinar featuring quick collaborative activities you can create in just 15 minutes. During this session, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the free, interactive presentation tool Lumio. You'll hear how Lumio is different from SMART Notebook and how you can use this dynamic tool with or without a SMART Board. Attendees will get a chance to participate in interactive activities and create their own collaborative task during the webinar.

Differentiating Elementary Instruction and Assessment with EdTech

Meeting the needs of all learners in a general education classroom setting can be tough, so let's use technology in ways that make it much more achievable!  In this session, you will learn how to leverage free tools and websites to differentiate instruction and assessment and learn how to use technology in new, innovative ways that will work for your elementary learners of all levels.

Ashley is a lifelong learner who is passionate about analyzing data to create informed decisions, differentiating curriculum to meet student needs, and creating innovative pathways for students to grow and reach individualized goals. She is experienced in professional development creation and presentation, marketing products for EdTech platforms, and content-specific course creation for learning platforms

Differentiation Tips for ELLs

Culturally responsive and sustaining teaching are paramount in today's classrooms to ensure equity, inclusivity, and growth for all learners.  Discover how to help the growing population of ELLs attain success.  In this session, we will focus on helping ELLs reach content objectives by crafting observable and measurable language objectives.  We will look at specific methods and resources that will assist you in creating pathways of learning for your ELLs.

Accessing My Child's Work on Lumio

Directions on how parents can access their child's work on Lumio. 

Translate a Webpage on an iPad

Learn how to translate a webpage in Safari on your iOS device.

Join a Google Meet from Classroom on an iPad

On an iPad, students and family members can join a teacher's Google Meet session from inside Google Classroom. This video shows you how!

Changing Your Background in Microsoft Teams

In this video we will show you how to change your background in Microsoft Teams. 

Accessing Google Drive on an iPad

Learn how to acess Google Drive on an iPad.

Managing Multiple Accounts on Google Chrome on an iPad

Learn how to manage multiple account on Google Chrome on an iPad.

Moving a File in Google Drive on an iPad

Learn how to move files within Google Drive on an iPad.

Organizing Google Drive on an iPad

Learn how to organize Google Drive on an iPad.

Sharing a Google File on an iPad

Learn how to share a Google file on an iPad.

How to Save a Website Favorite on Safari on an iPad

Learn how to save a website favorite on Safari on an iPad.

Logging into Seesaw for Parents

Learn how to log into Seesaw to view your child's portfolio. 

Creating a Split Screen on a Chromebook

In this video we will demonstate how to create a split screen on your Chrombook.  

Microsoft Teams Video and Microphone

In this video we will demonstrate how to turn on and off your video and mute and unmute your microphone in Microsoft Teams.