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Level 1 - Getting Started with SpacesEDU

The SpacesEDU Level 1 course is designed for teachers who are just getting started on SpacesEDU, or who have limited experience using the platform. The course covers SpacesEDU’s core features and next steps to successfully launch your first class.

Level 2 - Assessment and Reporting with SpacesEDU

The SpacesEDU Level 2 course explores the Assessment and Reporting tools in depth to elevate your teaching practices. To earn your certificate, you will create and customize your first Student Summary Statement in the Reporting Space and submit the PDF download.

Level 3 - SpacesEDU Portfolios

The SpacesEDU Level 3 course is designed for educators who are implementing SpacesEDU’s Portfolios, which is a tool that lives outside of the SpacesEDU Class. The Portfolios tool provides an organized structure for documentation and reflection of student learning. Discover how you can support your students with portfolio development to meet your district’s objectives.

Niveau 1 - Démarrer avec EspacesÉDU

Lancez votre première classe et configurez les paramètres de vos espaces en fonction de vos pratiques pédagogiques et des besoins de votre classe. Le niveau 1 est conçu pour les enseignants qui lancent leur toute première classe sur EspacesÉDU ou qui ont une expérience limitée dans l'utilisation de la plateforme. Ce cours présente les fonctionnalités principales d'EspacesÉDU et les prochaines étapes pour bien démarrer.

Niveau 2 - Évaluation et rapport avec EspacesÉDU

Le niveau 2 explore en profondeur les outils d'évaluation et de rapport dans EspacesÉDU pour améliorer vos pratiques d'enseignement. Pour obtenir votre certificat, vous créerez et personnaliserez votre premier sommaire récapitulatif d’un élève dans l'espace de rapport et remettrez le document PDF à OTIS.

Niveau 3 - Introduction aux portfolios

Le niveau 3 a été conçu pour les éducateurs qui mettent en œuvre la fonction de portfolios, qui est un outil distinct de la classe dans votre compte EspacesÉDU. Le portfolio fournit une structure organisée pour la documentation et la réflexion sur l’apprentissage des élèves. Découvrez comment vous pouvez aider vos élèves à développer leur portfolio pour atteindre les objectifs de votre district ou conseil.

AI in Education

Join us for this special session learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’ll review the three types of AI with a focus on generative AI and what AI means in and for education. We’ll explain how it works, give examples, and provide you with strategies for effective implementation.

Google Workspace for Education: Google Slides

Let’s take our knowledge of Google Tools to the next level! Join us as we discuss the benefits of using Google Slides with your students. We’ll show you how to create engaging and visually appealing Google Slide presentations using text, images, animations, and links. We’ll also discuss how to share, collaborate, and publish your slides. Finally, we’ll cover some best practices for using Google Slides across all grade levels!

A Robotic 4th of July Celebration

Are you looking for a way to incorporate a variety of edtech devices into your 4th of July celebrations? If so, look no further! In this session, we'll prepare you to challenge students to sign the Declaration of Independence using iRobot, create a fireworks display, and so much more!

MC: School Leadership - Session 1 - Introduction

Welcome to session 1 of our Leadership Microcredential! In this session we will introduce you to the individual sessions that make up this course series, independent practice oppportunities and requirements such as the checkpoint assignments. We’ll also discuss where you can access support during the course series and introduce you to the main themes and apps we’ll cover throughout the sessions! Join us to learn all the information you’ll need to be successful in our Leadership Microcredential.

Assessment in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape various aspects of our lives, we must consider the impact it has on student assessment. This course will highlight the challenges and opportunities that teachers face with the rise of generative AI, and how AI impacts the development and delivery of student assessments. We'll explore how AI-powered exams can improve fairness, increase reliability, avoid cheating, improve student well-being, and save teachers time. Dr Patrik Nilsson, CIO and co-founder of Dugga Digital Assessment, will discuss how Dugga is changing the assessment.

Patrik Nilsson, PhD is the Founder, VP and CIO of Dugga Digital Assessment. He is an innovator, systems architect, and entrepreneur in the edtech & ICT space. As a researcher, author, keynote speaker, and awarded lecturer, Patrik works for equal education opportunities for all students.

Going Further with Dugga

In the second part of our Dugga OTIS series, we will take a look at more question types for assessment, security measures that can be used for scheduled exams, integration with Microsoft Teams. Join us for some digital assessment fun!