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MC: 3D Printing & Design: Session 3 - 3D Design Intro with TinkerCAD

Designing 3D models is made possible through computer-aided design (CAD) softwares. In session 3, we will explore TinkerCAD, a free online collection of software tools that will help you design and create 3D models.

MC: 3D Printing & Design: Session 7 - Slicing for 3D Printing

In this course, we will develop our 3D terminology by understanding the print settings of your slicing software. We will use the MakerBot Print and Cura to learn how support, speed, infill, among other things, can contribute to the quality of your printed design.

Share Your Voice with Voice Memos

Voice Memos is an app on your iPhone or iPad that you can use to record your voice. Making voice recordings for your students can be particularly meaningful when working remotely. In this session, we will show you how you can use this app to create, edit and share your recordings with your students.

Making Quick Tutorials with SMART Lesson Recorder

SMART Lesson Recorder is a built-in feature to SMART Learning Suite.  If you have SMART Notebook installed on your computer, SMART Lesson Recorder is available to use right away.  With this feature, you can create quick tutorials for your students. In this video, we will show you how to create quick tutorials that you can send to your students as they complete work from home.

Uploading Existing Files to OneDrive

In this video, you will learn how to upload an existing file to OneDrive.

Accessing OneDrive

In this video, you will learn how to access the OneDrive of your student.

Managing Multiple Accounts on Google Chrome

Learn how to manage multiple accounts in Google Chrome

Organizing OneDrive

In this video, you will learn how to stay organized in OneDrive.

Pinning a Program to the Taskbar

Learn how to pin a program to the taskbar for quick access in the future.

Extracting a Compressed File or Folder

Learn how to extract a compressed file or folder so that it can be viewed.

Compressing Files and Folders

Learn how to compress files so that they can be shared more easily.

Safely Removing a USB Drive

Learn how to safely remove a USB or Flash Drive from you computer so that you do not risk corrupting the files on your drive.

Changing the Language

Learn how to change the language on your Windows 10 computer or add more language options.

Renaming a File in Windows 10

Learn how to rename a file to be able to find it easier later.

Pinning a Program to the Start Menu

Learn how to pin a program to the Start Menu for quick access in the future.

Saving a File

Learn about the different ways to save a file, from locally on your computer to in the cloud with OneDrive.

Searching Within a Document

Learn how to search within a document to navigate more easily or replace text with one click.

Organizing the Desktop

Learn how to sort the icons on your Desktop to stay better organized.


Personalizing Settings

Learn how to personalize some settings in Windows 10 for a more custom experience.

Using the Dictation Tool

Learn how to access and use the Dictation Tool across Windows apps.

Selecting a Default PDF Viewer

Learn how to select the default program for opening up your PDF files.