Engaging Students with Videos

  • Do you have trouble reaching a variety of learning styles in your classroom? Are you nervous that you haven't motivated your students when you introduced a brand new topic? Are your students losing interest and excitement as the unit progresses? If you answered YES to any of these questions, come join our curriculum specialists as we embark on a journey to implement video use in the classroom! Teachers who have used instructional videos have reported that their students retain more information, are more enthusiastic about the learning, and comprehend the concepts of the topic faster. Sometimes, it's impossible to take students on field trips, participate in experiments, purchase materials, or illustrate complex topics with a conventional way of teaching (and limited amount of time). Now, with videos, students can experience all of this and more! If you're seeking an innovative way to take advantage of video in your classroom, join us for this informative PD!

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Digital Online Certifications

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