Introducing The No Limits Method®
for Exceptional Student Education

A catalyst to advance exceptional education, the No Limits Method® connects brain, body, and environment. This holistic methodology bridges instructional interventions and therapeutic strategies to empower students with disabilities, inspire educators, and deliver extraordinary results. The No Limits Method® provides each student with high-tech lesson plans, personalized educational adaptations, and physical modifications that enable them to achieve their goals.

The No Limits Method®


Our micro-credentialing course, Module I: Philosophy, Strategies & Techniques, was developed for instructors to reach and teach exceptional education students by providing therapeutic education strategies, interventions, and resources to unlock brain potential. As taught by industry leaders and ESE professionals, this dynamic multi-series video training deep dives into unique aspects of special education to strengthen instructor’s skills and promote collaboration with a student’s core team. Instructors will be inspired and empowered to successfully integrate aspects of NLM Core Values and Social Emotional Learning.

  • 32-course series culminating in a micro-credential
  • 36 digital lesson plans to put the strategies into practice immediately
  • On demand – learn anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Eligible for state approved PD credits* and results in a certification upon completion

The No Limits Method®

Digital Lessons

Our Digital Lessons are PK –3rd grade concepts taught by NLM Therapeutic Educators for Exceptional Student Education instructors to view with their students or recreate in their own way. These lessons are infused with educational strategies to increase each student’s self-determination, conceptual knowledge, and mastery of academic content. Users will experience enhanced instructional delivery, decreased planning time, and the ability to monitor student progress when utilizing the accompanying deliverables.

  • 36 digital video lessons delivered by expert therapeutic educators
  • Resources, materials, and assessments for each lesson
  • TD Snap and Boardmaker integration
  • Designed for pre-K though 3rd grade exceptional education students

TD Snap and Boardmaker integration