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Compound Words with Sphero Mini

Using the drive or draw mode, students will match the compound word formula with the correct picture.  Students will then write out the compound word.

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Rolling Down the Number Line with Addition and Subtraction

In this activity, students will use the Sphero Mini to practice solving word problems. Students will do this by rolling their robot up and down the number line to solve the addition or subtraction equations in the word problem.

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Sight Word Dance with Sphero Mini

During this lesson, students will practice their sight word frequency by “dancing” their Sphero Mini to the sight word that is read aloud.     

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Rolling Down the Number Line Fraction Edition

In this activitiy, students will use the Sphero Mini to practice fractions.  They will do this by rolling their robot to the assigned fraction on the number line. 

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Fairytales with Sphero Mini

 During this activity student will retell a short story or Fairytale using the Sphero Mini.  They will accomplish this by retelling and illustrating the major events and coding the Sphero Mini to move through the story. 

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I See Your Angle and You're Right!

Students will use the Sphero Mini to pratice creating, measuring and identifying angles. 

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What's Your Angle?

Students will use the Sphero Mini to explore acute, right, and obtuse angles. Students will learn about and be able to identify the different types of angles. They will then measure the angles, program Sphero to drive over angles on a pre-made template and determine what type of angle it is. In this lesson, students will review different types of angles and have some coding fun with their Sphero Mini!

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Bowling Alley Math

In this activity, students will engage in a Sphero Mini bowling activity with a math twist! Students will set up the bowling pins and use the Sphero to knock the pins down. Students will determine how many pins are left and they will subtract that number from the original number of pins. Additional "pins" or objects can be added on to make this activity more advanced. In addition, students can apply different math strategies such as addition, multiplication, and division to take this activity to the next level!

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Tell me a Story

In this activity, students will use the Sphero Mini to follow a path. This activity will start by driving Sphero through a maze. At different points on the path there will be "checkpoints" and students will respond to story prompts. This activity can be done multiple times for several different texts. Some of the checkpoints could involve characters, setting, problem, solution, etc. Join us as we explore a unique literacy activity with a Sphero Mini twist!

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Sphero Mini Time Trials

In the spirit of friendly competition students will run time trials with their Sphero Mini.  This activity will give students to opportunity to pratice measureing angels and stright lines as well as code troubshooting. 

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Sight Word Hunt

In this activity, students will direct Sphero to a sight word that is called out. Using the Activity Kit materials, students can create an obstacle course to add to the excitement of this activity! They will need to navigate to the sight word, say the word, and use the word in a sentence. This can be adjusted for each grade level and can be expanded on by having students write the words, write a story with the words, etc.

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