OTIS stands for: Online Technology and Instructional Sessions

OTIS for educators™ offers dynamic, relevant, and convenient professional development around educational technology, STEM, social-emotional learning, literacy, ENL/ELL, and more.

Our MissionThe mission of OTIS is simple: to provide the training, support, and inspiration that transforms 21st century learning for the entire classroom.

Core Focus Areas

Technology Integration
Leveraging educational technology in the classroom isn't as simple as having the latest and greatest products – it's about effectively integrating that technology in a way that engages, supports, and inspires all learners.

Project-Based Learning
Engage students with hands-on and student-led learning experiences that give them the opportunity to build and practice future-ready skills. On OTIS for educators, you’ll find countless lessons, activities, and projects that you can take back to the classroom.

Teacher Development
Teachers matter just as much as the students they teach. Leverage OTIS to get comfortable with new technologies, discover inspiring ways to incorporate technology into instruction, stay current with your own training, and become your most effective (and tech-savvy!) self.

Our Expertise

OTIS for educators provides you with dynamic, relevant, and convenient professional development sessions created by our dedicated team of state certified educators.

Our team members are SMART Certified Trainers, Google Certified Educators, and each have their own area of expertise including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, STEM, ESL/ELL, Special Education, Computer Science, and more! Leverage their expertise with the online learning we offer through OTIS.