The Skills section is our collection of short videos that range from 1-5 minutes long. Use the search option or browse one of the popular ed tech platforms below for quick bite-sized content designed to teach you specific skills and/or features.

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Learn the ins and outs of your new STEM products with our fun tutorial videos. We'll cover what it is, how it works, and equip you and your students to use it in the classroom.

Sphero - Bolt - pBlocks

Walk through an unboxing of Sphero BOLT, and learn about the robot’s advanced sensors, durability, charging, and more.  End off with a preview of the Sphero Edu app, and learn how to connect to the cross-platform tool that teaches students of all skill levels how to explore, challenge, and code.

Farmshelf - Harvesting your flowering crops - pBlocks

Flowering crops such as chamomile, marigold, and viola are not only beautiful, but tasty too! You can harvest flowering crops by snipping them above the main foliage.

Farmshelf - Harvesting your hedge crops - pBlocks

You can harvest hedge crops such as thyme and parsley by trimming up a few inches up from the base of the plant to ensure regrowth.

Farmshelf - Harvesting your lettuce crops - pBlocks

Lettuce crops such as butter lettuce and romaine can be collected by gathering up the leaves and trimming a few inches from the base of the plant.

Farmshelf - Harvesting your stalk crops - pBlocks

When trimming stalked crops such as kale be sure to trim only the most mature stalks to maximize future crop yield, leaving enough stalks to continue growing.

Farmshelf - Harvesting your branching crops - pBlocks

Branching crops such as basil & shiso can be trimmed above a cluster of leaves (also called a node) to ensure healthy regrowth.

WonderWorkshop - Dash - pBlock

Unbox your Dash robot, learn about basic functions like powering on and charging, and then explore the many apps from Wonder Workshop that are made especially for learning to code with Dash. 

WonderWorkshop - Cue - pBlock

Unbox your Cue robot, learn about basic functions like powering on and charging, and then explore the Cue app from Wonder Workshop, designed to give students a path to learn coding and then build on their skills. 

UBTECH - UKIT Beginner Unboxing - pBlocks

Let’s unbox your beginner-level UKIT from UBTECH, from the crate, to all of the items inside your kit.

UBTECH - UKIT Intermediate Unboxing - pBlocks

Join us to unbox the Intermediate UKIT, and get familiar with what you’ll find inside.

UBTECH - Education UKIT Intermediate Unboxing (Short) - pBlocks

In a hurry to unbox your UKIT? Here’s the one-minute version of unboxing your Intermediate UKIT.

UBTECH - Education UKIT Advanced Unboxing - pBlocks

Let’s unbox your UKIT Advanced from UBTECH, and take a close look at all the piece and parts.

Squishy Circuits Introduction

Squishy Circuits are the perfect STEM product for teaching electrical circuits in a fun, hand-on way. Using lights, motors, and beepers, your students will learn the basics of electricity while still having fun!

Squishy Circuits Components

Make your LED light up, your motor spin, and your beeper beep with the additional components that Squishy Circuits offers in their kits!

Squishy Circuits Website

If you can mold it out of dough, you can bring it to life! The Squishy Circuits website has tons of project and resources available to help you get started with circuit basics. The possibilities are endless!

Squishy Circuits Getting Started

Get creative with Squishy Circuits! Make a snail’s eyes light up or an airplane’s motor spin with the additional component your Squishy Circuits kit has to offer. The possibilities are endless!

Squishy Circuits Component Replacement

Over time, you might need to replace some of the component in your Squishy Circuits kit. Watch to find out how you can purchase or replace those components in the most efficient way!

UBTECH Introduction to uCode

UCODE is a software programing environment that allows you to build and program robots, create animations and games, and use real AI tools! With UCODE, the possibilities are endless! Watch this video to find out more.

Unboxing your Kibo

Let’s unbox your KIBO Robot, and learn how to build, dissemble, and update your firmware in this step-by-step video.

Powerup your Ozobot

Learn how to power up and code your Ozobot robot in this short tutorial video.