Teqtivity Skills

3rd-5th Grade

Instructional Quick Tips

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Living Things and Their Structures

Students go on an observational walk and look for living things. They will take notes of the living things they see and identify the structures they use to help them survive in their environment. 

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Students will create and share a poem in Google Slides by moving words on Refrigerator Magnets.

Engineering an Obstacle Course

Students will plan and create an obstacle course using household and outdoor materials. They will test their designs and share their findings in a discussion inside of Google Classroom and respond to other students.

Impact of Humans on the Surrounding Environment

Have your students use the Google Science Journal app to investigate how humans are impacting their surrounding environment. 

Plant Defenses

In this Teq-tivity students will learn about the different ways that some plants defend themselves and they will be able to compare these plants to the ones they see in their environment.  

Animal Traits

Students will learn about inherited traits that are passed down from parent to offsprings.

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