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Blackout Poetry

Students will start with a text sample, including but not limited to prose, quotations, paragraph samples provided by the teacher and create blackout poetry. 

Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Students will create and share a poem in Google Slides by moving words on refrigerator magnets.

Thank You Notes For Community Helpers

During this activity, students will learn about the people that serve and help their community.  They will practice basic research skills to learn about their chosen community helper.  They will then practice writing skills by writing them a thank you note.  

Analyzing Persuasive and Argumentative Writing Using Google Classroom

Students will be able to recognize and identify an author’s use of persuasive and argumentative writing techniques and use those skills to revise and edit an essay.  

Bagel vs Bagel: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Using ReadWorks

Students will be able to show their understanding of a reading passage and its key vocabulary words.  

Digital All About Me Books

This is a digital twist on a traditional back to school activity.  During this lesson students will have the opportunity to explore and express their likes, dislikes, preferences and tell their classmates and teachers their story by writing and illustrating their own book.  This purposely simple template with sentence prompts allows students to create from scratch without distractions.  This lesson will also open door the to have discussions about individuality, families, friends and all things involving the whole student.  This lesson can be done all at once, or over the course of the school year.

Culture Show and Tell

Students will highlight an aspect of their culture and present it to their peers using an online video platform. They can highlight something personal (as in something unique to their family that is currently practiced), ancestral (passed down generation to generation), or cultural (something celebrated by people of their ethnicity, religions, race, etc.).  Through this, they will celebrate what is unique to their own culture as well as celebrate and learn about the cultures of their peers.

Tell me a Story

In this activity, students will use the Sphero Mini to follow a path. This activity will start by driving Sphero through a maze. At different points on the path there will be "checkpoints" and students will respond to story prompts. This activity can be done multiple times for several different texts. Some of the checkpoints could involve characters, setting, problem, solution, etc. Join us as we explore a unique literacy activity with a Sphero Mini twist!

Sight Word Hunt

In this activity, students will direct Sphero to a sight word that is called out. Using the Activity Kit materials, students can create an obstacle course to add to the excitement of this activity! They will need to navigate to the sight word, say the word, and use the word in a sentence. This can be adjusted for each grade level and can be expanded on by having students write the words, write a story with the words, etc.

Compound Words with Ozobot

During this activity students will work on creating and understanding compound words.  They will achieve this but using lines, color codes and the Ozobot robot.               

Sight Words Dance with Ozobot

During this lesson students will practice their sight word frequency by “dancing” their Ozobot via color coding to the correct sight word read aloud. 

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